Customer engagement health check

How are you tracking with your customer engagement? Are there problems you should address? Our health check provides a scan of your current operations and is designed to identify areas for potential improvement and savings.

What’s included

1. Investigation and analysis

We will review your customer contacts to identify any problem areas for your customers and your business.

  • Contact centre - We will interview your contact centre manager, review calls, collect data on call types, volumes and hold times and any other details to identify customer pain points and process problem areas.
  • Key stakeholders - We will meet with operations, IT and other key stakeholders to identify problem interactions or known problem areas.
  • Website capability - We will review your existing website capability with consideration of the results from findings in your contact centre and stakeholder interviews.

2. Problem areas will be identified with potential for improvement

Findings will be presented with relevance to meeting customer needs. Problem areas will be reported with order of magnitude according to impact and potential for savings and improvement.

3. Next steps

Are there opportunities for improved customer experience and operational savings? If so, these will be presented with potential improvements and savings.

To do this, we will:

  • need access to people, information & data (stakeholders, related strategy documents, NPS and/or customer sat surveys and CC data) plus website test user login for all areas to be reviewed
  • provide pre-work requirements on signing
  • develop and deliver the digital roadmap over a 3 - 4 weeks which covers 2 expert consultants undertaking interviews, analysis, report preparation and final presentation

Please note: Solution architecture recommendations, solution cost estimates and customer interviews are not incliuded. However these services are also available if required, please contact us for more information.