Fast track digital excellence

Your mini project team to deliver online customer engagement to market. Make digital excellence a reality for your customers and your business.

1. In depth review and analysis of your customer interactions

We will analyse your Customer Contacts to identify interactions suited to transition online.

  • Contact centre - We will listen to calls, interview team leaders, workshop problem call types, review call data to prioritise customer pain points and process problem areas.
  • Stakeholders - We will meet with stakeholders across the full range of customer touch points with the objective to identify problem interactions or known problem areas.
  • Website - Review functions and existing data integration with back end systems.

2. Analysis and recommendations to deliver savings and benefits

  • Review findings including existing user journeys via the contact centre and website and propose new experiences as required
  • Recommendations to address problem areas and to maximise business and customer benefits

3. Solution development and digital roadmap

Work with IT resources to develop user stories which are then used to design and cost solutions. Rollout plan for digital roadmap prioritised on benefits, customer experience, IT feasibility and other business priorities.

4. Business case including benefit realisation plan, solution design and costs

Business case includes month by month adoption plan and benefit forecast for tracking lead indicators and benefit realisation and reporting (share your success with stakeholders).

To do this, we will:

  • IT resources (architect, BA, developer) are required for solution development and costing, we'll work with the client’s IT or source these resources for the client
  • need access to people, information & data (stakeholders, related strategy documents, NPS and/or customer sat surveys and CC data) plus website test user login for all areas to be reviewed
  • provide pre-work requirements on signing
  • develop and deliver the digital roadmap over a 6 - 8 weeks which covers 2 expert consultants undertaking interviews, analysis, report preparation and final presentation

Please note: Customer interviews or website heat maps and recording. However these services are also available if required, please contact us for more information.