Side by side comparison

Customer Engagement Health Check

Do I have problems with customer engagement?

Digital Roadmap Development

Roadmap and high level benefit model

Fast Track Digital Excellence

Mini-project to get to you to Business Case

Engagement period

1 week

3-4 weeks

6-8 weeks

Must have IT resources for solution design & cost estimates

Core Interviews

  • Call Centre Manager
  • COO/Operations Manager
  • Strategy Manager
  • CIO/IT Manager
  • Website Owner

Double jack calls

Review existing website functions and adoption

Problem areas Identified with order of magnitude according to impact, confirm areas of strength in customer engagement

In depth stakeholder interviews across the business

Detailed review of problem processes/high AHT or post call processing

Workshop problem calls with call centre staff

High level review of existing data integration with back end systems and consider how recommended solution could be integrated

Benefit model high level estimates

Recommendations & Digital Roadmap 

Review existing user journeys through the website & where necessary propose new experiences for the roadmap

Review existing IT architecture

Rollout plan for Digital Roadmap prioritised based on benefit, CX, IT feasibility & other business priorities

Benefit Realisation Plan 

Month by month adoption plan & benefit forecast for tracking lead indicators and benefit realisation

Story development (user stories) for solution design & cost estimation 

Business Case

IT cost estimates (IT resources not included in this contract)

Next steps